January 25, 2016

Summer 2016!!!

Summer is fast approaching and the best dates are booking up. Please drop us a line at booking@kugelplex.com for more information about how we can help make your event even more soulful, beautiful, rockin’, memorable, AMAZING!

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December 3, 2015

Saul’s Deli – 12/7/15 – 6pm

We’re gonna pack the whole band in and take over the entire restaurant. Come on down for some blintzes and freilachs…


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December 3, 2015

Oakland Paramount 12/13/2015, 4pm

It’s time again for us to rock out some old-world love in front of 3000 people at the Oakland Paramount! This year’s concert is “Sinatra Style” so we’re gonna take it back to Frank’s Yiddish roots. Plus some other fun stuff…


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December 3, 2015

Oakland City Center – 12/09/2015, noon – 1pm; FREE!

Last year’s performance was cancelled due to protests. This year, let’s take to the streets peacefully and joyously to the sounds of klezmer!


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December 6, 2014

NatGeo thinks we’re the paradigm of Oakland diversity…

They don’t mention us by name, but I’m sure everyone reading National Geographic knows exactly who they are talking about:

“From my house to that end of the lake it’s mostly a downhill roll, past the Ethiopian restaurants, the Korean barbecue houses, the fried-chicken-sandwich place that uses ironing boards for sidewalk tables, the Middle Eastern grocery that sells baba ghanoush and grass-fed beef burgers, the old funeral home with its entry sign translated into Vietnamese, and the rehabbed art deco movie palace where I once watched an African-American church diva wind up the annual holiday concert by singing “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” in Yiddish, accompanied by a Klezmer band.”


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December 6, 2014

Kugelplex @ Oakland City Center: 10/10

Noon o’clock til 1pm we’ll be playing a free lunchtime show in the heart of downtown Oakland. In front of a big Christmas tree. Cuz that’s how we roll. Come check it out.

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December 6, 2014

Kugelplex & MLDVA @ the Make Out Room: 12/7

We’re playing with some DJs from Kraków. We start around 9pm.

Here’s what they have to say for themselves about themselves:

“MLDVA. It started as project prepared especially for 23. Jewish Culture Festival in Kraków. Two DJs and producers from Kraków, Funklore ( http://l.facebook.com/l/GAQFqo2xzAQE0mzxq4WdpRiDRHIOlcCk5bBzYgouoExRg2Q/www.mixcloud.com/funklore/ ) and Herbaciarz ( http://l.facebook.com/l/nAQH3xo–AQH9ANrX_QEUHPIU7_iyId4mP0bP1oDkW5AajQ/soundcloud.com/herbaciarz ) were asked to re-edit and rework the early klezmer, yiddish and hasidic music from eastern europe and diaspora. Later, upon meeting with artists, producers and DJs from the scene gathered around renowned Teder pop up radio from Tel Aviv, their sound was influenced by the vibes of modern Israel. MLDV is the place where klezmer breaks and east european grooves meet the trendy vibes of muliti cultural Tel-aviv: mizrahi, turkish, greek and arabic wondarland of sounds.”

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August 7, 2014

Bagels and Bellies Klezmer Brunch featuring Kugelplex and the Shtetl Shakers!!!

Bagels and Bellies Klezmer Brunch featuring Kugelplex and the Shtetl Shakers!!!
Salle Piano & Events
1632 C Market St, SF
$10-$20 sliding scale

Kugelplex is cooking up a Sunday brunch concert extravaganza! Nosh on bagels and other delights while grooving to Klezmer and the shimmy-tastic belly dance stylings of the Shtel Shakers – featuring Elizabeth Strong.

Join us at Salle Piano & Events, the most beautiful, small venue in the Bay Area. Salle is a showroom for vintage collectible pianos and it’s also the perfect room for deep listening of chamber music – with plenty of space to push away your chairs and dance.

The concert will feature original music by Dan Cantrell played on one of Salle’s remarkable pianos.

Eat! Dance! Buy a piano! Celebrate your Sunday!

Elizabeth Strong was raised in the folk communities of California, where she was exposed to music and dance of the Balkans and Middle East from a young age. In addition to over a decade of study in the Bay Area, she has traveled and studied dance ethnology in Turkey and Egypt, the first student of Reyhan Tuzsuz in Istanbul, and student of Sahra Saeeda in Egyptian dance and culture. Elizabeth has performed with Aywah! Ethnic Dance Company, Ultra Gypsy, Bellydance Superstars, Beats Antique and many others.

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April 9, 2014

New vids on our youtube site: Baym Rebn in Palestina

Check it out! Baym Rebn in Palestina — one of our fav klezmer processional tunes. Featuring: Dan Cantrell, accordion & celesta; Lila Sklar, violin; Max Baloian, guitar; Michael Pinkham, percussion; Eric Perney, bass; Jason Ditzian, clarinet.


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November 20, 2013

Annual Break Bread Concert with Oakland East Bay Symphony – 12/15

Kugelplex returns for our 7th (!!!) year performing with the OEBS and many wonderful Bay Area choruses. This year we’ll be premiering a new piece written by Dan Cantrell performed by Kugelplex with the OEBS and Aaron Davidman.


Paramount Theater
2025 Broadway, Oakland


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