January 17, 2013

Andy and Noah’s Wedding

Some lovely photos from Andy & Noah’s wedding this summer, up in Monte Rio, CA. Featuring special guest Liz Strong doing her signature sword dance.


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December 4, 2012

Our new album is here!












Eight years have past since we released our first album and many a noodley kugel has been baked in the meanwhile. Our new recording, The Frail Branch, is the culmination of much futzing and noshing in the klezmer kitchen – countless gigs, epic adventures to foreign lands, partaking in ancient wisdom from masters, and joyously celebrating with you!

The Frail Branch captures Kugelplex’s expansive vision of the klezmer tradition ­– journeying through Yiddish-Turkish space disco, Chassidic Carnivale, Smyrna taverna, swinging jazz, Romani crossroads, and good ol’ fashioned shtetl rockin’.

PLEASE consider supporting your local klezmers and buying one for everyone you know.

Where might you pick up a copy of this exciting musical offering? Come to one of our upcoming shows or email us at booking@kugelplex.com …

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November 11, 2012

A few pics from our triumphant night at the Freight…

Photos by Steve Haimovitz. If you missed it, we’re playing with Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir again on Dec 1st and 9th at the Paramount in Oakland…

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November 11, 2012

California Kugelin’ in the NYTimes

Being a klezmer in California, sometimes you feel like a quinoa kugel. For such occasions, here are a few recipes. (Disclaimer: we haven’t actually tried these recipes and quinoa kugel doesn’t necessarily sound very good, but who knows? One thing is for certain though – if you’re headed somewhere for the holidays and you’re supposed to bring the kugel, you better give these recipes a test run before imposing them upon an unsuspecting fan of the tradish noodle-and-cheeses version)…

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October 6, 2012

Live webcast tonight

Here’s a link to the live webcast if you want to remotely watch us rock out at the Freight and Salvage tonight.

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October 6, 2012

Carl Sandburg – “Midnight Train”

Tonight we are premiering Hungarian Gospel Suite with Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir. Dan composed the piece setting music to lyrics collected by folk historian, Carl Sandburg. Here’s what Mr. had to say about the meaning of Midnight Train:

“Railroad trains hurtling with smoke, fire and thunder across peaceful landscapes at night, rushing remorseless as fate along the iron rail pathways, holding to a fixed timetable and repeating the performance ever midnight or early morning “fo’ day”- out of this the negro worker has made a song that pounds home with the beats and accents of a Limited Express.  The grind of flanges, steel burnishing steel in a tireless syncopation, is here, in melody and overtone. . .  All night long the trains weave: every night they repeat the weave: civilization hangs on the time table.  The “same train” runs, and always “all night long” …   A smokestack with a maroon plume of sparks, a firebox square of crimson, the onrushing monotone of a strong, long drawn locomotive whistle-thus the tempo. . . . In Montevallo at the State Teachers College of Alabama they sing it: and there are variants at the University of Georgia, and at the State Teachers College at Hattiesburg, Mississippi. . . “

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October 4, 2012

SFSU Hillel today!

Come watch us rock out some klez today at SFSU Hillel. Noon-1pm. Malcolm X Plaza. It will be our first time playing with Lila Sklar on violin!

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September 27, 2012

Praise Be! Kugelplex on demand…

Terrance Kelly and the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir

We just got word that there’s going to be a live webcast of our October 6th concert at Freight & Salvage.

Check it out: ConcertWindow.com.

Remember when you had to actually leave your house to do stuff? HA!

That being said, we suspect there might be something about seeing a rafter-shaking, 50-member gospel choir in person that would be worth making the trip to Berkeley.

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September 11, 2012

Our new album…

We put the final touches on mixing last night. Release date, concerts, parties soon. Stay tuned…

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September 1, 2012

Hungarian Gospel Suite preview

We’ve been hard at work on our collaboration with the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir. Here’s the first sneak-preview of a practice track we recorded to help the Choir learn their parts. This is a traditional Hungarian folk tune, arranged by Dan Cantrell and sung here by Dan and Barbara Byers. We can’t wait for everyone to hear it with the full chorus.

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